Acupuncture Facelifts and Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture as early as the Song Dynasty, which took place from 960-1279A.D., used acupuncture facelifts for concubines and wives. China taught this in most hospitals and schools called Mei Rong, which is Chinese for medical cosmology. It is believed in Chinese medicine that there are seven-year intervals of aging with the skin. Many times this occurs with dryness of the skin and follows different patterns per seven-layer cycle. However, there is a way to treat the skin as well as treating the whole person for their constitutional problems as well. This is the type of acupuncture face-lift, which I prefer, since as an acupuncturist it allows me to treat the physical, mental and emotional problems as well as the self-esteem of the patient.


The benefits are astounding with this type of technique. I am able to increase muscle tone, which in Chinese medicine is a form of spleen deficiency, also I am able to treat the tone of the skin, which has to do with dermal contraction, and I am also able to increase the collagen production when the needle is inserted thereby creating fibroblasts that create collagen. This procedure can also heal redness of the skin, and plump up the skin where the wrinkle currently is. The acupuncture revs up the healing response and scientist even believes that the effects of the needle insertion create local collagen production. It is believed that puffiness and bags under the eyes are due to kidney deficiency and that sagging jowls are due to spleen deficiency. In doing the acupuncture facelift, there is a process by which the skin is lifted from the jowls, the eyes and the neck and is given points that are called motor points on the head. These points also help to notify the patient as well.


Patients who have a bit of dampness are slow to metabolize, so that once they are treated for any sagging of the skin, this too can improve with treatments. These patients take a few days following a treatment in order to look better while as liver types respond immediately to the treatment. As mentioned in other articles, the Liver patient usually is bothered more by stress and anxiety, whereby the spleen patient is more of an over-thinking over-worrying sort of personality. The facelifts help to also diminish fine lines but as mentioned earlier, basically treat the underlying causes as well. For the facelift, the concentration is not so much on all the wrinkles as it is on the look of health and emotions.


The other day I gave a facelift as well as a constitutional treatment to a patient of mine and when she got up from the table it was as though her face had let go and relaxed from all the stress and anxiety in her life…the old Chinese expression goes: “at the age of forty, the mind is visible on the face.” It seems that the facial muscles are created by certain emotions and once these are soothed, they no longer appear the same way. As we all know, the face holds a lot of energy and can reveal traumas that are logged in the body and held onto for years. In this way, these treatments promote true health and well-being and helps to bring out a persons own radiance. These treatments seem to have a moistening and oxidizing effect, meaning that the treatments help to bring blood to certain areas of the face in order to rejuvenate it and also improve the facial coloring.

There are several other things which can be treated with these treatments: drooping eyes, face too pale or too red, double chins tightens pores, hypothroidism, lymph problems, pellagra, hormones, digestion, metabolism, loss of hair, grey hair, TMJ, improves sinus’, infections, sense of smell, phlegm and much more. The course of treatment is to have one treatment once a week for twelve times and then either on treatment per month or just one treatment every four months for maintenance. The facelift lasts anywhere form two to five years and results are astounding. In Chinese medicine the skin is connected with the lung energy that has to do with the Wei Qi…. this is what is between the person and their environment. This is also called defensive Qi that is in charge of warming the muscles, and opening the pores. By opening up and closing these throughout a treatment, it not only regulates the body temperature but also helps prevent dehydration. Because of this it is also very good for the immune system and balances out the entire system. The results take place many different levels and the healing covers many different areas.

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