Bone in Chinese Medicine has to do with the kidney meridian. The matrix of bones, bone marrow, brain and spinal cord are all generated by the kidney essence. The marrow is the basis for the formation of bone marrow, which nourishes the bones. Thus the kidneys also govern the bone marrow and bones. If the kidney essence is strong, the bones will be strong, and the teeth will be firm. If the kidney essence is weak, the bones will be brittle and the teeth loose. The Kidney-Essence has also an important influence on vitality and mental vigor. This means that the Kidneys determine both the physical and mental strength of an individual. They also determine our will power. This article is very personal for me because in the beginning of December I fell at a local grocery store and fractured my right hand, specifically the long bone on my pinky and the attachment to the fourth finger. The fall was so bas that my tissue damage was severe and the pain was excruciating due to the fact that the long bone continued to move and could not be stationary for a period of over two weeks.


There are so many components to being injured. There is the physical pain, the emotional felling of being scattered as well as the psychological implications of being out of work and feeling so vulnerable and actually not being able to care for one self. The main problem of an injury that happens immediately is pain and usually swelling which is followed by the response of the physical body almost turning off to protect itself. It is a very important time to not only see a medical doctor to confirm the fractures or injury but is also a time to get the body’s Qi functioning again. It helps to get an acupuncture treatment just to reestablish the balance and to also get things moving. The herbs are also very important at this time since they can be taken three times a day and can help the body with its inflammation responses, bruising and also pain. I am not an advocate of western pain medication since I feel that there are so many alternatives that work that are beneficial.


To suffer a severe injury is very difficult on the body and the body needs to get plenty of rest, eat a healthy diet that is filled with vital foods and also honor the process of truly healing. There is a very old remedy for swelling and pain that entails using hot water, not more that 98 degrees and cold water and alternating these two for five minutes at a time so that the body begins to pump blood and begins to move a bit more. It can also help with remaining swelling that won’t go down. Aside from acupuncture, if the patient is too sensitive, there is an electro-stim machine, which can be used with adhesive patches to help the healing process instead of needles. This healing process is so important since if this does not occur fully than it can develop into degenerative joint disease, arthritis, or even carpal tunnel syndrome. In the case of the pinky it is called ulnar compression, which can not only lead to arthritis but also can also shorten the length of the finger due to the injury and cause the finger to not close properly on the hand.


The hand is one of the most important mechanisms of human expression. In the hand-foot pair, the hand represents the yang aspect, which enables us to act on the world, to transform it, to seize it, but also to protect us from it. The hand expresses ideas in action, as well as power and domination, strength and authority. Square in shape, it is centered on the point Heart 8 and symbolizes creation and potential. In every tradition, the hand is always linked to knowledge. The heart is linked to intuitive knowledge; the hand itself is linked to experimental knowledge. It is interesting to note that the word hand in Latin means manifestation. The hand is and expression of the Heart as we can see in fine paintings. The hand is also linked to an energetic micro system. Through the hand we exchange between the human Qi and the outside world. In Chinese medicine it can again be broken down into Yin, Yang, Deficiency, Excess, Cold and Heat in order to form a correct diagnosis. There are acupuncutre points which do not have to be applied at the site but can be used as distal points in order to heal. There are formulas for fractures as well as healing the kidney energy and mending the bones so that they heal strong and don’t cause problems down the line. In Chinese Medicine even if someone has an old injury, they can be built up and strengthened over time.


It is very important to handle our bodies gracefully and take the time and energy to heal properly. My own healing has not only been profound but has also enabled me to heal many personal things on a deep level given the opportunity of truly seeing things in a different light. Please honor yourself and your body by making sure it gets the right treatments, herbs and nutrition during such an important time.

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