Type 2 Diabetes, the most common form, often accompanies obesity. As we as a nation continue to gain weight, our rate of diabetes spirals out of control. In the eight years from 1990 to 1998, the incidence of diabetes has increased by30%. From this point forward it has touched over 10% of all adults and is now becoming an epidemic of over 150,000 young children. This translates to 16 million Americans. This situation is becoming serious enough for me to talk about Chinese Medicine for both children and adults and how it approaches diabetes.


Almost all cases of diabetes are either Type1 or Type 2. Type 1 is created at a young age although now in our society it is becoming more prevalent in adults. This type of diabetes is insulin dependent and lasts a lifetime. It is very difficult to always pay attention to sugar levels and there are many people who do not deal with this responsibly. Type 2 diabetes accounts for 90% of all cases and it interests me more since I have treated numerous people and have gotten incredible results. Both types of disease deal with the dysfunctional glucose metabolism. Usually food is digested and the carbohydrate part is broken down into simple sugars, much of which is glucose. The glucose enters the body and the pancreas manages its transport into the body to produce the insulin. The glucose is then converted to short-term energy for immediate cell use and then some is also stored for long-term energy and later use.


As a person develops diabetes, the metabolic process collapses and in Type 2 diabetes the insulin doesn’t do its job and the blood sugar is not metabolized properly. After you eat, your blood sugar rises and the distribution doesn’t occur throughout the body. Because of this, the body begins to break down and does not perform well. This creates a rise in blood sugar to dangerous levels. In Chinese Medicine this would have to do with the role of the Spleen or Earth and also its relationship with the Pancreas and Liver.

I have seen many patients come in with other ailments, which are created by this glucose metabolism problem. Many times patients are overweight, have heart problems, high blood pressure and even nervous system damage. Modern drugs offer no cure for diabetes so it becomes more treatable with alternative medicine. The treatments in Chinese Medicine involve balancing the energy and also nurturing the Spleen energy so that it can perform its function of transportation and transformation through the system. This also helps to create a balance in the Pancreas and the Liver. Through the use of acupuncture points and also some chinese herbs as well as a western blood sugar balancing formula, I have been able to reverse many of these adult onset conditions. It is also important to work with the diet which is a low-fat, high-carbohydrate, high-fiber, diet that also deletes all sugar and has a low consumption of animal fat. An exercise program is also recommended since it helps with weight control and also moving the Qi and helping digestion.

The idea in Chinese Medicine is always to create balance. If an organ system like the Spleen is not functioning properly it needs to be tonified. Overeating alone can blow out the spleen and make its job too big to handle. I have recently had a patient who was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and her western doctor wanted to put her on shots. She gave me three months of treatment and after that time using acupuncture and herbs along with diet changes, her sugar levels became normal.


If you experience problems with this disease it is best to try an alternative program first before you begin to take drastic measures. It is amazing how natural medicine is so effective with both children and adults. Please don’t wait to create health and well being for yourself or someone in your family.

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