There has been a sharp increase of memory loss in my patients over the past year so I have decided to write an article on how Chinese Medicine cures this problem. Memory depends on the state of the Spleen, Kidneys and Heart organs and there is an overlap among these meridian(pathways) functions. The Spleen houses the intellect and influences memory in the sense of memorization, studying and concentrating. Over-thinking and over-worrying causes the Spleen to become deficient.


The Kidneys house will-power and influence the brain since the kidney essence nourishes the Marrow, which nourishes the brain. The Kidneys are responsible for memory in the sense of everyday events, names and faces etc. In Chinese Medicine will-power also means memory.

The Heart controls memory because it houses the Mind. There are usually associations between the Heart and the Kidney since they communicate a lot with each other. However, in terms of memory it has to do with long-past events rather than every day like the Kidneys.


In Western terms, it is also believed that lifelong exposure to toxic agents like pollution and tobacco can damage brain tissues and impair circulation to the brain. It is my experience that acupuncture, herbs and nutritional supplements can improve mental function and help prevent long term damage. A diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables provides antioxidant protection essential for cognitive function and overall enhanced longevity. The formulas in Chinese Medicine that help people would be: tonics, phlegm reducing, blood regulating, calming and liver supportive. The Spleen promotes the upward circulation of the Qi to the brain and converts food to nutrients. Weak Stomach/Spleen can lead to the accumulation of phlegm, which can obstruct the channels, and lead to disordered thinking. It is believed that sadness, which is the emotion of the spleen, can also damage the movement of Qi to the brain.


The brain is an extension of the marrow so my treatment would include tonifying the Kidneys and nourishing the Essence. This usually occurs with people fifty years and older. Along with Kidney herbs, I have used blood-regulating formulas to improve microcirculation. Kidney deficiency can lead to progressive dementia as well as slow responses. I currently have a patient who is 80 years old and the treatments over a period of two months have helped her increase her memory and also have more energy. Her eyes are no longer dull and she is taking a combinations of Kidney herbs, ginseng and build blood formulas.


Heart Deficiency creates poor memory of past events and forgetting names. In this case I would notify the Heart and strengthen the Mind. The treatment also entails building the Qi using a special point with moxa, which is a stick of herbs that is lit with a match and held over the patient. Many older patients like the moxa since it creates heat and they struggle with being too cold. It’s also important to move the Qi and create greater circulation throughout the entire body. When you open the meridians of the Heart it helps to brighten the Mind.


All of these treatments must be given for several months since the Kidney is built up over time, the Spleen begins to settle down and relax and the Heart gets enough Qi circulating to open up the meridian. The effects of my treatment have been profound and most of my patients not only feel more energy but also remember more with each treatment. It has not only improved their cognitive functions but has also improved their mood as well as any pain, which resides in their bodies.


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