The five elements refer to wood, fire, metal, earth and water in Eastern Philosophy. According to the principle, all change—-in the universe and in your body—-occurs in five distinct stages. Each of these links together the season’s of the year, and aspects of nature. Spring is the season of the Wood element whose color is green, its nature is yang the organs it deals with are the Liver and Gallbladder and the emotion is anger. Since the color is green, eating should be of fresh leafy greens, sprouts, and other grasses. Which can improve the overall functions of the Liver and Gallbladder.


The idea of spring is to get moving after a winter of staying a bit more still and hibernating. It is a good time to begin yoga, stretching, Qi Gong walking, Tai Qi or light cardio. It is great to be able to incorporate this into a daily routine to improve your mood and to smooth out the Liver Qi energy. Outdoor exercise is favorable at this. Time. Spring is a time to regenerate, create new beginnings and to have a renewal of spirit. The liver organ has an incredible way of regenerating itself and the Chinese always look to the liver first for any imbalances of your health. The liver filters the blood and is responsible for detoxifying the entire system. In my clinic I always have patients do a liver cleanse in the spring, it is the ideal time for this.


The emotions having to do with the liver energy is anger, irritability, and frustration and all of these signs reflect Liver Qi stagnation. As a practitioner, it is my job to help smooth these out with both acupuncture and herbs. I have noticed a complete difference in many patients even after one treatment. The following symptoms are liver related: pain and discomfort along the sides of the body, depression, mood swings, sighing, lump in the throat, abdominal pain, stomachache that worsens with anger, PMS, irregular menses, prro appetite and constipation.


The description of the tree is also a description of a person, When the human being is flourishing, just as the tree in the woods, the Energy, is vital, growing, rooted, flexible, and strong. It is carrying new seeds of growth and going through a new season. If a person is not rooted they could have dizziness, be confused and also feel uprooted. If the tree has stopped growing, the limbs could be gnarling with arthritis and the emotions could be smothering, The limbs could also be weak and stiff and the trunk of a person could be in trouble. These patients who are coming for acupuncture could come and have their wood element tonified. I have noticied that many deficient wood people also suffer from migraines. Dreams can also reveal a person fighting as well as information in about a patient’s view of himself or herself in the dream. These also are a good tool for diagnosis.


I recently had a female patient age 54 who came to see me with severe frustration and also dreams that were haunting and very repetitive and after just one treatments the dreams themselves changed completely and the frustration almost entirely went away. With both treatments and herbs many of the Liver, Gallbladder problems are healed. It is a very important time to treat these disturbances since it is the springtime.


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