Chinese Medicine has always placed great emphasis on sexual activity in both an excess and a deficient way. It is the cause of many problems since it involves the Kidney energy and has to do with the Minister Fire which is a band of energy that not only is inherited but seems to also get depleted when a women gets older and goes through menopause. It is during these years between 50 and 60 that the Kidney energy begins to get depleted. This is called Kidney Yin deficiency and the aspects are usually dryness, lack of sexual desire, lack of energy and overall change in vitality.


The Minister Fire can be exhausted because it begins to consume Fire and Water as well as the Essence. It is believed that a tranquil mind preserves the Yang energy as well as the Minister Fire. Over the last month I have seen about ten female patients who are not only experiencing a total lack of sexual energy but they are also very dry and experiencing discomfort as well. I have now created a protocol, which includes acupuncture, Chinese herbs, an organic lubricant and an organic suppository that is able to help all of these conditions. Although I am not an advocate of excessive sexual activity, I do feel that maintaining this type of closeness is very important to love.


One of my patients came in complaining that she has not had any sexual activity and has only been married for seven years. I put her on this protocol and she was very afraid to even try anything but I talked her into a five-minute session. Not only did it work but both she and her husband had a good laugh about the five-minute idea. This has not only broken their pattern but they are now more connected.


Both men and women have essence to share with each other and through the right combination this can be achieved again organically and gracefully.


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