Wellness and Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine was originally created for wellness not illness. It was understood that a person could keep himself or herself well by taking herbs daily and undergoing acupuncture treatments once or twice a week. In our society however, there is a lot of western medicine, which approaches the patient when they are ill and handles health only when something is wrong. My personal experience with western medicine has been lucky. When I was forty years old, my soon had a severe case of acne and I had just begun being a student of Chinese Medicine. He wanted to go to the western doctor for acne medication and I decided to honor his request. At the time I had a small pimple-like thing on my face right below my right eye that had been there for about a year or so. After his treatment I asked the doctor to please take a slice of it and send it into the lab. She did not want to do this since she said it looked like it was nothing and further more I was a brunette with olive skin and it was fine. At the time, I insisted and she took a sample and sent it off. Two days later I received a phone call notifying me that I had melanoma and to schedule a “mose” surgery immediately. This type of surgery takes one slice at a time, examines it under a microscope until the slice that is taken is cancer free. After the mose surgery I was taken to a friend of mine who stitched it up, he had just opened up a plastic surgery clinic in Beverly Hills. I did this because it was from my eye down my entire cheek and wanted it to look good when it healed. I had asked my Chinese teachers at school what to do and they all said to have it taken out and then do Chinese medicine afterwards to build my system back up again.


I of course survived the surgery and went on to heal myself of it ever reoccurring again. I studied many ideas about cancer and its reoccurrence and to this day I remain healthy, strong and my white blood cell count is perfect. I did this all through Chinese herbs and treatments. I believe that today the amount of ill health, western medications, cancer etc. has been overwhelming. I do believe that some people need to do a western treatment first but can regain the health through alternative means. There are several products I now put all of my patients on. To begin with they all take a green drink in the morning with protein powder and sometimes chlorophyll and they all are taking a mushroom formula for their immune system. I try to have my patients eat organically, stay away from antibiotics or replace them with something similar but not as harsh like grape seed extract. For every western medication there is an eastern or holistic alternative which will work just as well and has no side effects. There is also the possibility of totally healing and illness instead creating it as a lifetime illness.


Our bodies are the only thing we have and we need to take care of it. I have a patient recently that has been taking Lipitor as well as sleeping pills. The Lipitor is for high cholesterol and is so harsh that this patient had to take a blood test every two months to make sure his liver was all right. So over a period of six months with alternative herbs and formulas and weekly treatments, this patient is not only off the Lipitor and has cholesterol of 160 but also is no longer on sleeping pills at all and sleeps much better. It was Dr. Stiller the creator of osteopathy who claimed that the body has the ability to heal itself and not to interrupt it with medication. Now with this same patient, we are going to work on his weight so that we can get him healthier through severaldetox programs that will help him with his food choices and firm up his body more.


My other recent patient came in with acid regurgitation as well as severe stomach problems. Her western doctor had her on medication “forever.” Now after ten treatments she is eating better, taking Chinese herbs to heal her stomach and taking the daily protocol of herbs and vitamins. She is totally pain free. She has already completed one detox program and was just put on her second one.


I mention these two cases without telling you what the diagnosis is in Chinese medicine. The first diagnosis would be stuck liver qi with a stomach yin deficiency and the second case would be spleen deficiency and spleen going upward instead of downward. The real cure for all of these is for me trying to get people healthy and I believe part of that is getting people off their western medications so that their body can begin to heal naturally. I know that from working in the hospital in Santa Monica with two oncologists that some medications may be needed and some people are frightened by the idea getting off of their meds…. but there is a way to incorporate both western and eastern and I do believe that people do not have to be on medication forever. Some western medications actually cripple the health of the patient and doesn’t allow for wellness. It is time to take your health into your own hands, educate yourselves about the meds you are taking and see if there is an alternative approach that would work and would be healthier.


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