Chinese medicine has always stressed the desire and importance of sexual activity. Sexual desire depends on the Minister Fire and a healthy sexual appetite indicates that the Fire is abundant. When sexual desire builds in the Minister Fire it blazes and accumulates energy and creates a normal flow of Qi. The stirring of the Minister Fire when sexual desire builds up affects the Mind and the Heart. To have a normal sex drive creates a balance and also creates a healthy mental attitude. There are many things written in Chinese medicine during the Qing dynasty, which talk about women’s emotional longing and loneliness. Among the emotional causes they talk about worry and pensiveness, depression and also stagnation due to sexual frustration. There are also many things written about satisfying the heart.


When the body is restricted due to lack of sexual desire it no longer receives that type of satisfaction. In my practice I have now seen so many women who not only have no sexual desire but because of their age are no longer interested in being intimate and sharing that experience. I believe that sometimes this can be due to a hormonal imbalance and sometimes it is due to emotional blockages, which have taken place over time. I feel it is important to have a natural sexual craving and to also be satisfied with the closeness, which can be achieved by this connection. The exchange of energy, which happens during sexual activity, is a beneficial time between two partners. I recently have spoken with so many women who have problems in this area that I have decided to write an article on how I have managed to heal this.


Over the past ten years I have given many women a hormone test and have found that there are three different things occurring. In menopause, the Minister Fire begins to burn out due to Kidney Yin deficiency and needs to be fed again. I have accomplished this by using alternative hormone treatment and several herbal supplements and have had really good luck. I believe as with all treatments that once the body is balanced, its natural state of being begins to unfold again. In Chinese medicine it is natural to have a sexual appetite and also beneficial to express that. The Kidney energy is related to the Ming Men Fire and helps to keep that fire alive. To be deficient in this only means that the body needs to be rebalanced with treatments and herbs. The good thing about Chinese Medicine is that it has the capacity to build up energy and organs by tonifying them. This is not done in the Western world and people suffer from many things throughout their entire lives because of this.


As we get older many things begin to get deficient and many old patterns become very cemented in the body causing stagnation. All of these things can be addressed through treatment. I recently had a patient that had some emotional problems around the idea of sex since she got married very young and had five children so sex for her was about recreating and being a Mom, not about pleasure. She has been put on several things for hormone balancing as well as some herbs to soothe her Liver energy. In four months she has begun to really relax and enjoy intimacy in a different way. My other patient had complained of painful sex along with no sexual appetite and we were also able to not only get rid of the pain but to also reestablish a normal sexual appetite. This took about three to four months but so far she is doing much better. I believe that most people want to feel that closeness with their partner and share that deep connection. It is only natural. To see this being resolved in many patients has been astounding to me. Please know that Chinese Medicine helps to rebalance the body and also helps to bring it back to a place of joy with a normal expression of love.



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